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You are cordially invited to join the Holy Mass Celebration of Fr. Al's 87th birthday, the 60th Anniversary of his Ordination and the 25th year of his passing!

A Father of the Poor, 
Founder of the Religious Congregations of the

Father Aloysius Schwartz is now one step closer to sainthood as Pope Francis declared him VENERABLE, a title given to those who lived a life of heroic virtue. This is the second step toward Father Al one day being declared a Saint by the Catholic Church. You are cordially invited to visit this web site often and follow news of events leading toward his Sainthood.

Already prayers are being answered through Father Al's intercession with God.  Please click here if you need a miracle in your life.


If you have prayed to God through the intercession of Fr. Al,

and you believe a miracle has occurred in your life,

please send an email describing your spiritual experience to:


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